Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Four weeks in.

I've been in England for almost four weeks now, they've absolutely flown. The first week was a massive blur - the jet lag took that long to wear off - and by the time it had, I was working. I'm here with three other people my age, one girl and two boys, and we're the 'gappies' for our school.
I'm working at a school about an hour south of Manchester, and it is lovely. I think the building is a couple of hundred years old. It's four storeys high and has cellars.

I've jumped into work as a 'gap assistant.' I laminate heaps, do heaps of yard duty, a little bit of office work and help in a couple of classes. I help with Grade 6 French and two Design Technology (DT) classes. The facilities here are incredible, especially considering this is a prep school - which is basically a fancy name for Primary school with 3 and 4 year old Kinder, and Years 7 and 8 also. They have science labs, a music room with smaller practice/lesson rooms, a fantastic art room and a really well equipped DT room, ICT labs, language rooms and a massive massive games pitch.

They are really big on sports at this school, they have tennis courts, hockey, rugby and 'football' (...soccer) pitches, a running track and a covered swimming pool. They have interschool netball, hockey and rugby games every single week. 

We haven't had a chance to go into Manchester or London yet. I've briefly been to Birmingham but saw very little of it. The trains here are ridiculously expensive and English drivers are CRAZY. The roads are as winding as if you were driving up Mt Macedon, but the speed limit is 80km/hr, or 50 miles/hr. They're also heaps skinnier than in Aus. If you broke down, you'd have to sit right in the middle of the road - they have hedges growing along the sides of the road!!! Also, petrol here costs £1.30per litre, as opposed to the lovely cheap $1.30 you guys are paying back in Aussie.
So far I've been having an absolute blast, but I'm sure it's going to get way more exciting, especially with school holidays coming up in two weeks!!!

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