Monday, 2 May 2011


For my second week of holidays, I went to stay five days in Malta to meet a whole bunch of my family :) I stayed with my lovely second cousin, and tour-guide, Claire, and her mum and dad, in Lija.

By this stage, I'd bought a new camera whilst having a quick stop over with some friends in London, so I had a brand shiny new toy to play with and take lots of photos with!

Malta was amazing. The buildings were gorgeous - all limestone - and all of the roads were tiny and winding. There are heaps of churches in Malta. I'm not even kidding when I say that I reckon there's one on nearly every second street. And they're all huge, and gorgeous.

Claire took me to the popular tourist destination - Valetta. A gorgeous city with plenty of cute tourist shops and awesome ice-cream :) We spent the day taking photos, wandering through some gardens with some stunning views and admiring a lovely exhibition of the artist, Mucha.

And so, the whole reason for my trip, I spent a lot of time meeting relatives of mine! I got to meet my Nanna's brother, Mum's cousins and lots of my second cousins :)

Claire's mum is an AMAZING cook. Pretty sure she overheard Claire and I discussing how much we love chocolate eclairs, so she whipped these up sneakily whilst we were out, and lucky I got a photo when we did (half way through.... :P) because they didn't last very long at all!!!! Yummm yumm!

For another one of our day trips, Claire took me to Mdina, Malta's walled ancient city. There are lots of winding little lanes that you can't see the ends of, and apparently this is so that anyone that tried to invade the city would get lost, pretty clever!

You might have noticed in my earlier photo of a church, that it has two clocks on it. In fact, one of these clocks is fake and is used to 'confuse the devil' if he ever decides to come and ambush the church or something similar... Hopefully he'll get so disoriented and baffled about the two different times that he'll just go back on home... :D

Claire's awesome piano! :D
 On the Friday night of my visit, Claire, Manuel (another of my second cousins) and myself had a night out on town in a place called Paceville! We had a maddd night, got plenty of drinks bought for us and just spent the whole night dancing :) An awesome end to my trip!!!